Wetland Mitigation Banking

The US Army Corps of Engineers has recently granted final approval for the Lower Brazos River Mitigation Bank in Fort Bend County, Texas. The 300 acre Bank is being developed to provide mitigation credits which will compensate for unavoidable adverse impacts to Waters of the U.S. resulting from projects within the Bank’s Service Area. Credits will soon be available for both herbaceous and forested freshwater wetland impacts.


  • Streamlines the Corps of Engineers permitting process.
  • Removes Permittee from long-term mitigation responsibilities.
  • Costs known in advance for budget planning purposes.
  • Mitigation Banking is the preferred mitigation policy by the Corps
  • Improves overall water quality, wildlife and wetland habitat.

Who Can Benefit

  • Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Public Infrastructure Projects
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Pipelines
  • Ports and Marinas
  • Dredging and Drainage Improvements

For additional information on mitigation banking, visit the EPA Mitigation Banking Factsheet

Our Team


Regent Sienna Plantation Partnership, L.P.

Regent Sienna Plantation Partnership, L.P., an affiliate of Regent Properties, has extensive experience in navigating the permitting and entitlement process on a variety of developments in some of the most complex markets across the United States. Regent has seen first-hand the advantages that mitigation banking offers the Permitee over other forms of mitigation. Regent has leveraged that experience by seizing the opportunity to sponsor the Lower Brazos River Mitigation Bank.

Environmental Consultant

Berg Oliver Associates, Inc.

Berg Oliver Associates, Inc., a leading environmental consulting firm based in Houston and specializing in the USACE Galveston District, provides the environmental expertise to develop the Bank. Berg Oliver is also proficient in communicating with USACE and the Interagency Review Team, which is critical to the success of the Bank.

With this collective skill set, our Team is committed to providing your project with a cost effective and timely solution to your mitigation needs.

  • Primary
  • Secondary

The Service Area

To qualify for use of credits from the Lower Brazos River Mitigation Bank, your project must lie within our Service Area. Check the map to see if we can be of service.

Locate your project address on the map

USACE District


Counties Served

Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Waller, Austin, Wharton, Colorado

Primary Service Area

Portions of HUC 12040205 and HUC 12070104

Secondary Service Area

Portions of HUC 12040104, HUC 12040204, and HUC 12090401


Forested and Herbacious Freshwater Wetland impacts


We have opportunities for mitigation credits. Contact us through the form below to start the process. You may also download and email the more complete project worksheet. This will help us assist you even faster.

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  • For more information on Corps of Engineers permitting, please contact:

  • Susan Alford, REM - Berg Oliver Associates, Inc.
  • 281-589-0898